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EXCLUSIVE! Kacey Fifield's new album Between the Lines is finally here

If you're looking for a high-energy addition to your fall playlists, look no further. Breakout artist Kacey Fifield is *the* musician you need to have on your radar, and her brand-new album Between the Lines is all about good vibes and self-expression. We sat down with Kacey to get the lowdown on her love of music, and we can officially say that "Between the Lines" is the alt-pop anthem of the szn. 

Girls' Life: How did you discover your love for music?
Kacey Fifield: My very first musical influences were the TV shows I grew up watching, like Victorious and Big Time Rush. I've always loved singing along with my favorite songs from those shows. And even when I was super young, I would write my own lyrics about random occurrences in my life. I think I've just always known that I wanted to release my own music.

GL: Talk to us about Between the Lines. What three words would you use to describe this album?
Kacey: Personal, energetic and passionate. I truly hope that listeners will be able to relate to my music and feel the fun and excitement that I had recording these songs.

GL: What's your songwriting process like?
Kacey: A lot of the time, I think of a specific lyric or melody while doing everyday things, like going for a walk or doing homework. For the album, I took these ideas and expanded on them with producers from around the world, which was just so amazing.

GL: Which song did you enjoy writing the most? And which did you think will be the fan favorite?
Kacey: Honestly, every song was just so fun to write, and I'm super proud of how the whole album turned out. But the very last song I wrote for the album, "Doppelgänger," will always have a special place in my heart. I actually got the idea while doing my skincare routine, and as soon as I thought of it, I knew that it had to be on the album. As for the fan favorite? I'm not really sure. Every song has its own quirks, and I think people listening to the album will be able to relate to different songs.

GL: We can't *wait* to listen. Which musical artists inspire you? What songs are you currently loving?
Kacey: My fave songs right now are from Conan Gray's Superache, Billie Eilish's Guitar Songs EP, Tate McRae's I Used to Think I Could Fly...These artists inspire me so much with their carefully crafted lyrics, catchy melodies and well-constructed instrumentals.

GL: We heart those artists too! And if you could tell GL readers just one thing about Between the Lines, what would it be?
Kacey: No matter what you're going through, there are people who are going though the exact same thing. You are never alone. I hope this album shows people that it's important to surround yourself with those who lift you up, because we all deserve love and kindness.

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by Lena Genovese | 9/30/2022