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Your Weekend Guide to Fab Cinderella Flicks

Sure, Selena Gomez’s “Another Cinderella Story” came out not too long ago. But if you’re in need of something new to put in your DVD player, or you just like princess-y flicks, check out these takes on the Cinderella story. Classic tales of happily ever after never get old. And what better time to watch than a low-key holiday weekend!

1. Pretty in Pink:

This 80s classic pits Molly Ringwald as outcast Andie against the school’s rich students who shun her. Except Blane, who doesn’t let the nasty words of his friends influence his love for Andie…or does he? Will Andie and Blane live happily ever after?

2. Ever After:

In this Drew Barrymore movie, Danielle is a slave to the cruel demands of her stepmother and stepsister. But when she accidentally captures the attention of Prince Henry of France (and with the help of her fairy godmother) Danielle’s destiny changes dramatically. Even if you can already guess the ending, there are enough twists to keep things entertaining. And the prince is quite dashing!

3. Ella Enchanted:

In the big screen adaptation of Gail Carson Levine’s novel, Anne Hathaway stars as Ella, who is under a spell that makes her always obedient. Will the spell hinder her chance at true love, or will a dashing prince swoop in to save the day?

4. A Cinderella Story:

Who doesn’t love Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray in this modern remake? Hilary stars as Sam, a lowly diner busgirl who meets her Prince Charming online. What she doesn’t know is that her online BF is Austin Ames, the captain of the football team and the most popular boy in school. But what will happen when their online relationship is exposed? And the really important question: Will Sam get her happy ending?

5. Princess Diaries series

In the first royal installment of Meg Cabot’s bestselling series, Mia (Anne Hathaway) is transformed from an ugly duckling (who, honestly, isn’t ugly at all) to the glamorous and confident Princess of Genovia, with only a few klutzy (and hilarious!) moments along the way. And in the sequel, “Royal Engagement,” Mia must choose between true love and duty to her country in order to assume the throne. Happily ever after never seemed like such a tough choice!

What are YOU watching this weekend? Got any other classic romantic movies we just have to see? Let us know!

—Amy Wilson
11/29/2008 1:00:00 AM