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Do you heart TV as much as we do? Girls’ Life editors weigh in our very favorite faves from 2008. Take a look at our list, then spill your own best pick from the past year. (umm, we might be obsessed with Gossip Girl…)

“Gossip Girl. Mondays are the worst day of the week...until I think about 8 p.m. It’s so juicy and scandalous that it is by far my ultimate primetime guilty pleasure. But watching a preview for the next episode just gets me mad. Why? Because I have to wait at least another week to see what happens next. Sigh.”

KATIE A: “GG. It's the only thing I look forward to on TV. Take GL's quiz!”
JIAE: “Privileged – Um, quirky writer meets makeover AND billionaire? Hey CW, that’s MY dream!”

KATIE MS: The Office
ANDREA: “Gossip Girl. It's getting better and better with every episode. GG is still a can't-miss for me. I'm still holding out for a Chuck and Blair all out relationship and for Jenny to become a top fashion designer. And yes, I still want a Dan and Serena reunion. I hope it's not wishful thinking. I'm going to go ahead and say Gossip Girl for Best TV Show of 2009 right now.”
L’OREAL: Gossip Girl
KERI: “Gossip Girl. I was so against this show from the beginning and waited till second season before I decided to give it a chance, and once I did boy was I hooked, and so were my friends, co-workers and sister!”
SHERRYN: The Office
AMANDA: “I love The Office. I love Jim. I love Angela. I wish it were on every night. Other shows on my most-notable list include How I Met Your Mother and Friday Night Lights (coming back on NBC in January!!!!! See how many exclamation points I put there!!!! FNL is the best!)”

What have YOU been watchin’ girlies?

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