Must List

I heart Taylor Swift

I admit I am a huge music fan. I’m always looking for my new favorite song! But for the past couple of months, I haven't been able to pick just one. Why? Because Taylor Swift (GL’s latest cover girl’s) album Fearless: Platinum Edition has recently been on repeat on my iPod.

Whether I am listening to an old fave (“You Belong With Me”) or something only available on this CD, like “Jump Then Fall,” I’m always having a blast singing along!

This album not only has all of the tracks from Fearless, but there are six new tunes! I am in love with the song “Superstar,” and the Piano Version of “Forever and Always” is beautiful. With 19 songs, this CD is perfect for girls like me who just can't get enough of Miss Swift (can you blame us?).

Between all these tunes, I’m thinking there can never be a fave. “Untouchable” (which was originally done by Luna Halo) is amazing.  It sounds like nothing Taylor has done before! Then there’s “Jump Then Fall,” which continuously makes me happy every time I listen to it. Decisions, decisions. It’s so hard!

Be sure to check out Fearless: Platinum Edition and then come back and help me decide on a favorite track. 

Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Thrilled she’s our latest cover girl? Blog about it, girlies!


by Julia Fine | 2/1/2016