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Dangerous Neighbors

It’s 1876 in Philadelphia—America’s 100th birthday, but Anna, Katherine’s twin sisters’, last.

As Dangerous Neighbors by Beth Kephart, opens, Anna is already dead, and Katherine has planned her suicide (jumping off a tall building—any tall building, really), so she can go and join her beloved sister. As she is executing it, Bennett, Anna’s lover (also given the nickname of Baker Boy, courtesy of Katherine), tries to stop her and succeeds.

Months later, Katherine hops aboard a trolley to the Philadelphia Centennial fair of 1876, to yet again attempt her demise. Will Bennett come to her rescue- again? Or will it be someone new? The story is intertwined with memories from the past (when Katherine had Anna all to herself, when Katherine was losing Anna to Bennett and other little sisterly moments).

Dangerous Neighbors is a great book about the bond of twin sisters, love, and losing the ones you love most. National Book Award Finalist, Beth Kephart, takes a story set centuries ago and makes it something we can relate to today. Katherine and Anna’s story hits shelves tomorrow, Aug. 24. Be sure to grab a copy and let us know your thoughts.

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by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016
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