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7 must-read summer mysteries and thrillers

There’s no question that summer is the best season. You get to sleep in ’til noon, chill with your buds, and hit up the carnival whenever you want. But let’s face it, sometimes boredom hits—hard. Your lifesaver? These intense novels. Each story will have your heart beating, thoughts racing and palms sweating as you venture through the twists and turns of each mystery and thriller.



Will you be reading any of these crazy, heart-pumping novels this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

  • deathbybikini.png

    Death by Bikini by Linda Gerber

    Aphra may live a life of luxury on a gorgeous island, but there’s not exactly an abundance of girls like her to befriend, let alone cute boys to flirt with. That is until hottie Seth shows up. But their romance is clouded when the GF of a total rock star washes up on the beach and Aphra suspects Seth has something to do with it. Death by bikini is def not the way we would want to go, but put your detective skills to use to figure out who did it and if Aphra and Seth end up together.

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  • legend.png

    Legend by Marie Lu

    Hunger Games and Divergent lovers, rejoice! There’s another electric dystopian book to get wrapped up in. Legend, the first in the series, is a fusion of futuristic and romance set in a place called Republic. You’ll follow 15-year-old June’s fight to locate Republic’s most wanted outlaw: 15-year-old Day. From completely separate classes, June and Day only cross paths when June’s brother is murdered and Day is suspect No. 1. On her search for Day and revenge, both of the teens discover secrets about their country and who the real enemy is. When you’re finished with Legend, check out the second and third books in the thrilling trilogy, Prodigy and Champion.

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  • nameofthestar.png

    The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

    American teen Rory touches down in beautiful London, England to start fresh at a boarding school. Her studies should have been her biggest problem, but when a string of brutal murders occur in her school’s neighborhood, well, that’s when things get a little crazy. Especially when it turns out that no one can actually see the murderer except for Rory. This book is only the first in the Shades of London series, so you better get reading ASAP.

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  • papertowns.png

    Paper Towns by John Green

    With The Fault In Our Stars movie ruling the box office, here’s another John Green book to add to your stack of must-reads. In this novel, Quinten and Margo are reunited by revenge and pull an all-nighter to get things done. But the next morning, he hits the halls to find that Margo is nowhere to be found. Uh…totally weird. Follow Quinten as he searches for Margo clue by clue. That way, you’ll be totally in the know when the film based on the book (starring sweetie Nat Wolff!) is released next year.

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  • relentless.png

    Relentless by Karen Lynch

    Vampire novels are still totally in, especially this gripping first title from the Relentless series. Sara’s life is pretty much shattered when her dad is killed. Ten years later, she still doesn’t have any answers. Sara’s life gets even weirder when she becomes friends with a troll and then finds herself in the midst of a crazy, supernatural world while attempting to figure out who actually murdered her father.

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  • pll.png

    Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

    No doubt the Pretty Little Liars series takes up a good chunk of your bookcase already, but this summer is the perfect time to revisit Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer. You’ll be infatuated by every twist and turn the stories take—even if you already know PLL like the back of your hand. Kick it by the pool and relive the evil of the elusive A one book at a time. You’ll get chills all over again.

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  • rubyredfort.png

    Ruby Redfort: Look Into My Eyes by Lauren Child

    Ruby Redfort is on the case! You’ll get caught up in all the action as Ruby is recruited by an unknown agency to crack a code before the crazy criminals are able to use it to steal precious gold. She even has to do some mystery solving for her own fam. Worse? Ruby has to keep her double life top secret. Can she really do it all?

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by Sydney Adamson | 2/1/2016