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5 books that get us excited for fall sports and activities

Fall is in the air. Can’t you feel it?! While we’re packing away our flip-flops and reminiscing on our favorite summer adventures, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming months. From football to student government, these books share our mutual seasonal excitement. 


Which book is getting you excited about fall activities? Share in the comments below.

  • catchingjordan.png

    Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

    Who said football was only for dudes? Jordan isn’t just on the football team—she’s also the captain. She has her sights set on her future, only to get distracted by mega-cutie Ty, the new quarterback. Can Jordan keep her focus on the field, stand up for her dreams, all the while tackling obstacles standing in her way?

  • promisespromises.png

    Promises, Promises by Annie Bryant

    It’s election season at Abigail Adams Junior High and the halls are buzzin’ because (uh-oh!) besties Avery and Katani are running against each other and the most popular guy in school. Find out who makes it to the top and whose campaign is a total flop.
  • teenagebandgeek.png

    Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek by Courtney Brandt

    Julia McCoy is a superstar drummer in a band in Cali. After moving across the country, she takes a leap and joins her new school’s marching band, which just so happens to have an awful instructor. However, when a hottie catches her eye, sparks fly, and Julia thinks the move may not have been so bad after all. That is until she has to juggle lessons, competitions, rehearsals, and an evil ex. Will Julia be able to hold it all together, or will her new life fall apart?

  • bunheads.png

    Ellie and the Bunheads by Sally Warner

Ellie loves ballet—but does she love it enough to be a bunhead? She misses being able to see her friends and doing other activities, like chess club. With the intense competition and massive time commitment, Ellie wonders if auditioning for the Philadelphia Dance Theatre will be worth it. Will Ellie go forward with the dance company, or will she leave the world of tutus and tombés forever?

  • nonblondecheerleader.png

    I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader by Kieran Scott

    Annisa is starting a new school and wants to try out for the cheer squad. However, not only does she have short, brown hair when all the other girls have long, blonde locks, she also got off on the wrong foot with the squad, befriending one of their exes and hitting another in the nose (yeah, it’s that bad). This fast-paced story of besties, boys, and backflips is sure to make you wanna pick up a pair of pom-poms.


by Kelly Myslinski | 2/1/2016