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Red-hot read alert: A fiery new trilogy kicks off with Talon

Take the ride of your life with Talon, the first book in Julie Kagawa’s new Talon Saga—a mythical story of adventure, friendship and dragons. You’ll want to soar through this red-hot read, promise—just read on for all the fiery details.

Siblings with a secret…
Brother-and-sister duo Ember and Dante Hill appear to be a pair of average, ordinary teenagers—except, well, they’re dragons. Born in the mystical world of Talon, these two shape-shifters are just about to finish their dragon training and be sent out into the world as undercover humans. Ember just wants to be a normal teen and enjoy a normal summer before heading back to Talon…but vacay is short-lived because the Order of St. George, a society of dragon slayers, is on a hunt to make dragons extinct—and the Hill sibs soon become targets.

When worlds collide…
When Soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian—a slayer for the Order of St. George—encounters Ember, he doesn’t know what to think. He’s been trained to kill all dragons, especially Talon’s newest recruits. But Ember? She appears to be so…human. Is she truly the target he's seeking? Are dragons really as evil as he thinks they are? The breathtaking Talon tale all starts here.

Silver screen exclusive…
This just in: Talon has already been snatched up by Universal Pictures to become a movie! But we all know that nothing beats the book—so read Talon today and get set to watch it come to life on the big screen. CLICK HERE to get your copy!
by Nicole Goldberg and Melanie White | 2/1/2016
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