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Sneak a peek at an edge-of-your-seat excerpt from Ruby Redfort Catch Your Death



Now that we’ve had some time to catch our breath from the last of Ruby’s OMG-worthy adventures, author Lauren Child brings us back to Twinford for Ruby Redfort Catch Your Death, a whirlwind read full of friendship, humor andof course–Child’s trademark mystery and intrigue. Our fave sarcastic heroine returns this February with more page-turning suspense than ever, and the best part? We can get a jumpstart on the action with a special preview of the first few chapters, available now!


Ruby recap

For what feels like forever, we’ve been beside 13-year-old Ruby on her breathtaking detective missions, anxiously turning the pages as she navigates dangerous mysteries, sharpens her skills and struggles to keep her spy identity secret. We’ve seen super-cool gadgets, intricate code-breaking and evil villains on land and at sea. This time, we find Ruby torn between unexplained happenings at home and the demands of her training for Spectrum, the undercover agency she’s always dreamed of belonging to.


The mystery unfolds

In Ruby Redfort Catch Your Death, Ruby hears gossip that wild animals are wreaking havoc all over Twinford. She thinks it’s nothing but a silly rumor – that is, until the streets become overtaken by untamed beasts, threatening the lives of her friends and neighbors. Ruby wants to delve deeper into this phenomenon, but she’s already struggling to find the truth behind some precious missing jewels while trying to help her best friend, Clancy, who has gotten caught up in a shady business venture. Not to mention keeping an eye out for the legendary blue wolf, which just may exist after all. Will she be able to save Twinford once again, or will this wild adventure be too much for her to take?


Are you as excited as we are for the next Ruby Redfort adventure? Click the book cover above to read the first few chapters for free! Loved it? CLICK HERE to get your copy now!  

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by Melanie White | 2/1/2016
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