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A cute even cuter puppy. What more could you want?


The sweetest stray 
After her best friend Mel moved away, Cecilia Murray pretty much perfected the art of invisibility (hint: don't talk in class and hide in closets whenever possible). She much prefers the company of her furry friends at Orphan Paws, the local animal shelter where she volunteers almost every day. But when she falls in love with a neglected little pug named Potato, suddenly just *visiting* the pup doesn't seem like enough...

A paws-itive disaster
Cecilia's worst nightmare comes true: Potato gets adopted before she can convince her dad to let her get a pet. Even worse? The little pug gets snatched up by rich, arrogant Eric Chang, whose family is known for their prim and proper pure-bred show dogs. Ugh. But when Eric sees how well Potato responds to Cecilia, he asks her to help him train the pup…and Cecilia hatches a plan to get her dog back.

A little puppy love?
The more time she spends with Eric, though, the more Cecilia realizes he's not so bad after all—and his reasons for adopting Potato might not be as bad as they seemed. And as the day of the dog show approaches, Cecilia is only sure of one thing: She's doggone confused.

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by GL | 4/30/2016