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Restock your summer reading list with these page-turners

Summer is the ultimate time to relax and rejuvenate before the new school year. Between resting on the beach in the warm sun and chilling out inside during rainy spells, the opportunities to read new books are endless. But now that summer is halfway over (*sigh*), your reading list is likely running short. Instead of re-reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time, here are some fantastic new finds that'll keep you well-supplied 'til the end of summer.

Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

When Lina is sent to visit her father, who's been nonexistent in her life for sixteen years, she is less than happy. Until she receives her mother's old journal from her time living in Italy. Art, bakeries and hidden romances unfold as Lina reads. But what will happen when Lina uncovers a life changing secret?

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Being the daughter of a politician means Andie has pretty much her entire life planned out. From internships to guys, every bit of her future was covered. At least it was before the scandal. But after her summer plans fall through, a ridiculous amount of dogs and a cutie named Clark enter Andie's life, proving to her that everything can change.

What Happens Now by Jennifer Castle

Fighting to defeat her depression, Ari Logan spends her days caring for her difficult sister and watching her friends fade away. That is, until one day when Camden Armstrong visits Ari's local beach and she discovers his lifestyle of independence and love of sci-fi. However, as she falls for Camden she must unravel mysteries of whom he truly is.

The Loose Ends List by Carrie Firestone

Maddie O'Neill Levine's perfect pre-college summer changed suddenly when her grandmother announced that she was terminally ill. Wanting to leave on a high note, Maddie's grandmother plans a secret cruise for her family. Maddie finds herself falling for another passenger as she is swept on an adventure of love, loss and forgiveness.

What books have you read this summer? Will you add any of these titles to your list? Let us know below!

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by Hayley Anderson | 7/18/2016