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Read P.S. I Like You and send some stylish letters!


If you've ever written a love letter to your crush, you can *totes* relate to Lily in P.S I Like You, an adorable new novel by Kasie West. Read on to discover the story hidden between the lines...then follow our fave DIYs for making your own cute cards.

Mixed messages...
In P.S. I Like You by Kasie West, awkward songwriter Lily develops an unlikely bond with a stranger in school. After scrawling the lyrics to her favorite song on her desk in chem class, Lily is shocked to find *more* lyrics—and a message—waiting for her the next day. Lily begins exchanging letters with this compelling stranger and, ultimately, falls for him. The only problem? Lily has no idea who her secret sweetie is! A little bit of You’ve Got Mail mixed with Pride and Prejudice, P.S. I Like You is a totally charming and heartwarming read that tackles relatable teen struggles about friendship, family and, of course, falling in love. CLICK HERE to snag your copy of P.S. I Like You and find out who Lily's mystery man is IRL.  

Take note...
Want to channel your inner Lily and give letter-writing a shot? We’ve got you covered, chica. Whip up these super easy DIY cards so you can send your sentiments in style.


Washi Tape Card

This DIY card from Omiyage Blogs is adorbs. With a bold greeting, floral print and pretty script, you can easily make any card feel fancy.

What you’ll need:
Washi tape
Wax paper
Word of your choice printed in your fave font

1. Choose a word like “greetings” or “hello” and type it up in a large size and in the font of your choice. Print out a mirror image copy of the word.
2. Trace the mirror image copy word onto a piece of wax paper.
3. Cover the reverse side of the wax paper (the side you didn’t write on) with washi tape. Make sure the rows of tape overlap.
4. Cut out your word. Use an exacto knife for tricky spots.
5. Carefully peel back the wax paper from the washi tape so you now have a “sticker” of your word. Attach your sticker carefully to your cardstock and you've got a fab card! 


Gold Polka Dot Card

Channel major Kate Spade vibes with this card from one of our fave DIY blogs, Classy Clutter. It’s minimalistic yet super cute and the gold polka dots will spruce up any stationery you create.

What you’ll need:
Pencil with eraser
Gold paint

1. Fold cardstock in half to make the card.
2. Dip your pencil eraser in gold paint and stamp on the cardstock. You can concentrate your pattern along the border or cover the entire card in polka dots.
3. Let dry overnight, then feel free to write a message inside and send the card to someone special.
4. If you’re feeling extra fancy, swap the gold paint for embossing ink, sprinkle with gold embossing powder and use an embossing tool to create cool, metallic polka dots.

DIY Envelope Liners

Now that you have your cards, you need a cute way to send them off. These easy envelope liners from Blushed make the perfect packaging.

What you’ll need:
Pretty paper of your choice

1. Make your template by cutting along the adhesive part of the envelope flap and then along the entire outside edge of the envelope. This will be the guide for sizing your liner.
2. Trace the template on your paper and cut it out.
3. Tuck the cut out liner into a blank envelope and smooth out any bumps.
4. Glue the liner to the envelope and let dry.

Do you write letters? Did you try our DIYs? Are you reading P.S. I Like You? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credits: Omiyage Blogs, Classy Clutter, Blushed


by Morgan Ome | 8/2/2016