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Read Loot and Sting...and learn how to be an international jet-setter

Most of us only dream of a luxurious life filled with trips to cosmopolitan cities around the world. But for the McQuin twins and their friends in Sting, a new novel by Jude Watson, that dream is a reality. The teen jewel thieves take on cursed gems, dangerous heists and *so* much more. Read on to learn about the McQuin twins’ latest international adventures…then study our city-inspired style guides and tips for becoming a top traveler. Plus: Don't miss a chance to win Sting and Loot at the bottom of the post. Scroll on...

It all begins with a heist gone wrong...
Criminal mastermind twins March and Jules return to their jewel-stealing roots in this suspenseful sequel to Loot. While attempting to steal a set of diamonds with their friends Darius and Izzy, the McQuin twins accidentally snatch the Morning Star, a cursed jewel, when their heist goes awry. Their only way to reverse the curse and escape further trouble is to reunite the sapphire with its two other sibling stones. So how will they do it? By attempting two more crazy heists, of course! As the teens travel the world, they discover that the government and a dangerous gang are also in pursuit of the jewels—and hot on their heels. The fast-paced plot and memorable characters make Sting an intriguing, can’t-put-down read. CLICK HERE to get your own copy of Sting and follow the thrilling adventures of March and Jules!

Steal these style secrets...
While we definitely don’t want to be cat burglars like the teen squad in Sting, their jet-setting lifestyle is quite covetable. Read on for our tips on how to channel the globe-trotting vibes of some of the cities in Sting...

The story begins in Paris, a city rich in culture, history, fashion and food. Reading about the Seine, the catacombs and all the yummy eats has us craving a trip to the City of Love. For the perfect Parisian look, stick to classics—like striped tees and LBDs that will never go out of style. Well-fitted pieces (read: a trip to the tailor) will elevate your look even further. Don’t forget the finishing touches: red lipstick, a cute scarf tied around your neck and a completely classic French topper (aka the beret).

For March, Jules, Darius and Izzy, Miami is no tropical destination—it’s the location of their newest heist. However, for those of us who aren’t cat burglars, Miami is the perf place for a vacay. While you've got your toes in the sand, embrace the Miami heat and don some daringly colorful prints. Don’t forget sunscreen, sandals or sunnies—and if you’re feeling adventurous, break out the flamingo accessories!

Our jewel-thieving gang returns home to NYC for major action and drama in Sting. When visiting the city that never sleeps, you need a look that can take you from the subway stations to museums or from strolls in Central Park to shopping sprees in Soho. Channel an off-duty model style with sleek, all-black ensembles that’ll look chic wherever you decide to go in the Big Apple. While you sample pizza and Playbills, keep all your essentials in a cute clutch or pouch since New Yorkers are *always* on the go.

Try out these travel tips...
Once you’ve nailed your look, it’s time to grab your passport and skedaddle. But before you head out to explore your *amazing* destination, read our pointers on how to have the trip of a lifetime.

1. Keep it simple, sister
When packing for a trip, make sure to include pieces that mix and match easily by sticking to basics (think jeans, T-shirts and sneaks) in neutral tones. Add in a few colorful accessories for a pop of fun. This way, you can bring fewer items and still have an endless number of outfits to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting.

2. Comfort is key
Chances are if you’re traveling around the globe, you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. While heels and wedges look super cute, they aren’t easy on your feet. Choose cute sneakers, flats or boots instead so that you can explore cities effortlessly. Pack light layers so that you'll be prepared no matter what the weather is like.

3. Go off the beaten path
Tourist attractions and landmark sights are a must when you’re visiting a new city—after all, it’s fun to see well-known, famous places. However, also take time to do what the locals do—whether you meander through small shops, take a hike in a community park or, like March McQuin does, go to a farmer’s market to taste local offerings. Sometimes, veering away from the hordes of tourists can lead you to rewarding and special experiences that you *won’t* find in guidebooks.

Get both books for free—no heisting required!
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by Morgan Ome | 8/31/2016
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