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7 things all book lovers need (well, *besides* books...)

Bibliophile: a lover of books, especially for qualities of format.

With technology constantly consuming our lives, it's easy to forget about that lovely feeling of *actually* holding an *actual* book in your hands. There are some people, though, that have never forgotten that feeling. Those are the bibliophiles.

And you know what? To love something even though many would say it's "going out of style" is pretty cool, so we think book lovers deserve some recognition for that—and, yeah, maybe a prezzie or two, too. Ask for one of these seven items for your next birthday, or pick one up for yourself!

Cute e-reader cover


It's cool that this Kindle cover looks like an actual book, but it's even *cooler* that it looks like a book of spells from Harry Potter.

"Once Upon a Time" necklace

This necklace screams cute—and good bookworms always stress the importance of carrying a book with you at all times...

The Great Gatsby sweatshirt

What better way to attract other book-minded people than by *actually* wearing your favorite on your sleeve?

A book quote


A book lover knows—like this quote from Roald Dahl—that there's no such thing a *too* many books.

"Do Not Disturb" sign


Perfect to hang on your door when you want to veg out with a book for the afternoon.

Book mug


For all our friends who fiercely defend the written word in the never ending "Book vs. Movie" debate.

An amazing bookcase


Nothing says "I love books" quite like giving all your book babies a pretty place to live.

What is *your* all-time favorite book? Why do you love it? Share below.

by Sydney Adamson | 5/13/2018
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