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A new villain kid is on the rise in the latest Descendants novel

Your summer reading list just got *way* more interesting! New York Times best-selling author Melissa De La Cruz is about to drop the third installment in the Disney Descendants series, Rise of the Isle of the Lost. Full of vengeful villains, dark secrets and mysterious magic, the novel, out May 23, is everything you need right now.

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Rise of the Isle of the Lost
In the upcoming third installment of the series, chaos ensues when King Triton's trident washes ashore and Mal and her rival Uma go head-to-head to see who's *really* the queen of the rundown town. The four fab VKs—Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay—challenge the idea of using good for evil in the action-packed novel.

GL girl Aarti S. spills on the book: “This book is super inspiring and reminded me that although doing the right thing might be hard sometimes, it’s always the move you should make. Following what you know in your heart to be right—like the characters in the book do—is what makes you a stronger, better person."
Fave quote: "Whatever it is you want, don’t let anyone stop you from dreaming your dreams and following through on them."

Rise of the Isle of the Lost will be available May 23, 2017 online HERE from Disney Hyperion and in bookstores everywhere. 


The Return to the Isle of the Lost
In book two, Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay's worlds are thrown off course when they receive threatening messages regarding their escape from home. Mal may have left behind her evil ways, but she refuses to let anyone mess with her and her friends. This one's all about their struggle upon returning home, and how they'll make the biggest decision of their lives. 

Emily C. says... "It's a fun, action-packed read about friendship, trust and being authentic to who you are. Some moments were LOL-funny, while others had me reaching for tissues. I couldn’t wait to unravel more of the mystery." 
Most relatable character: "I identify the most with Mal because she struggles to be herself under peer pressure, but she stays true to who she is with the help and support of her friends. That's something I’ve experienced. I really admire Mal’s confidence and how loyal she is to her friends."

The Isle of the Lost
And, finally, where the story all began. It's been twenty years since all of the villains were banished from the mainland. They can't escape the magical force field around the island, and were told never to return to the kingdon of Auradon. In The Isle of the Lost, you'll learn all about the villain's kids and their journey as they discover evil *doesn't* triumph.

Yasmeena F. dishes: "I love how this book portrays girls as independent and strong. We really *do* run the world!"
In her words: "All the evil villains—and their kids—were banished from the kingdom of Auradon to the Isle of the Lost, a dark place that keeps them prisoner and without their powers. When Mal, the daughter of Maleficent, learns that the key to true darkness—the Dragon's Eye—is located in a forbidden fortress on the island, she hatches a plan to capture it along with help from her friends. But in their quest, these four kids realize that being good actually isn’t so bad."

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by GL | 5/16/2017
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