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Violet in Private: A Review

Melissa Walker, the author who brought you Violet on the Runway and then Violet by Design, is releasing the third book of the series, Violet in Private, on August 5. The adventures of the Vivacious Violet continue as the former Carolina girl strives to leave the world of modeling behind and enter the world of academia. But can she forsake the glitz and glamour for books and homework?

Violet Greenfield graduated high school early and deferred her enrollment at Vassar so she could travel the world and walk the international runways. Attempting to assimilate herself into a college environment a semester late proves to be a greater challenge than she expected. In addition to coursework and making new friends, her agent and modeling friends are hounding her to get serious and come back to the industry.

Trying to convey healthy body image to her adoring fans while fighting off the bitter remarks of her small weight gain puts Violet in a media frenzy, not to mention that some of her fellow students feed off her insecurity and consider her a hypocrite.

A stolen kiss in Barcelona, a runway catastrophe in Paris, a spread in a teen magazine and an ad campaign, Violet can’t hide behind anonymity for long.  She will need to be true to herself to uncover her true identity, with or without the flashbulbs.

When Violet modeled, she was somebody. Without her modeling, will she go back to being nothing?  Is Violet Greenfield’s identity that of a model or a student?  Or is it something yet to be discovered?

BONUS! GL got author Melissa on the phone to dish about life as a writer and her latest release. Come back tomorrow to check it out! It’s a very Violet weekend, and we love it.

—Emily Capp

8/2/2008 10:42:00 PM