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10 amazing bookshelves that are total #shelfgoals


But first, lemme take a shelfie!

Yep, you read that right! Shelfies are amaze pics of beautiful bookshelves and we are *majorly* obsessed with stalking them! Peep some of our faves, and gather some inspo to make a shelf shine of your own.


1. This shelf gives us major bookstore vibes! Pick some of your prettiest covers and face them out so everyone can see your fave reads. Don't be afraid to display things other than books on your shelves. We spy CDs, makeup and mugs on this shelf. 


 2. We're obsessed with the fun wooden letters on this shelf, not to mention how the bed placement means you can *literally* be surrounded by all of your books! Ask your parents to help you move your furniture to create a swoon-worthy setup like this one. 

 3. Ugh, where do we begin with this gorgeous shelf? From the typewriter to the photos to the jars with lights, we love it all! Pick some of your fave Polaroids to display around your collection for a more personal touch. 

4. Low on space? Don't have a huge book collection? No worries! Find a cool spine shelf and hang it in your room to save space. Try organizing the books on it by color or size for a cool effect! 

5. Got a green thumb? Make your shelf look truly *magical* by adding your favorite plants among your books! You can buy fake flowers and plants at a craft store for a low-maintenence version of this look. 


6. We love how organized this shelf is! Group series and books by the same author together. You'll never struggle to find a book again! Don't forget to decorate your shelf with any fun knick-knacks you may have. 

7. Everything's better when it's color coded! These rainbow shelves are a huge trend on Instagram. Luckily, they're super-easy to recreate! Add a cute garland like the pom-pom one in the picture for a sweet touch. 


8. Want to add a little sparkle to your set up? String up some twinkly lights! It's a cheap way to add a little something to your shelves, and will give your entire room a cozy feel. 


9. Try organizing your books by genre. We love this set up of pretty pastel YA novels! It will be *so* easy to find a book for whatever mood you're in.  


10. Alright, so this one may be a tad unrealistic, but it's just so cool that we couldn't resist adding it. A girl can dream! 

Planning on a shelf re-do? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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by Maddie McGee | 10/12/2018