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This thrilling series is *just* what your fall reading list needs

Sophie Foster will do *anything* to win the war. Even if it means trusting her enemies...
In the sixth book of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series by Shannon Messenger, Sophie is determined to defeat the Neverseen. But to do that, she'll have to make some serious sacrifices and find a way through Nightfall, the portal to a place filled with dangerous secrets never meant to be revealed.

Now it's up to Sophie to uncover the truth behind the Lost Cities before it's too late. The Neverseen may have won the battle, but can Sophie win the war? 

CLICK HERE to snag your copy of Nightfall from Simon & Schuster, or find it in bookstores everywhere. But before you crack open the super suspenseful story, peep the first five books in the series below.

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    Book #1: Keeper of the Lost Cities
    Sophie has never really fit in, and she just figured out why: She's a Telepath, aka she can read minds. So if she isn't exactly human, where *does* she belong? The answer is buried in dangerous secrets and time is running out for Sophie to uncover the truth.

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    Book #2: Exile
    Sophie has found her place in the world of lost cities (and gets to train an Alicorn, so cool!). But all is not solved...and now she must risk everything to save not only herself, but the life of someone very close to her.

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    Book #3: Everblaze
    Sophie is determined to find her kidnappers and end this once and for all. But her quest reveals that her enemy may be closer (and more dangerous) than she thought. Will Sophie succeed...or has she finally gone too far?

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    Book #4: Neverseen
    The battle is just beginning and fortunately, this time around, Sophie isn't alone. With the help of her friends, she's ready to fight. But the stakes are higher than ever and one wrong move (like trusting the wrong person) could be deadly.

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    Book #5: Lodestar
    Sophie returns to the Lost Cities and finds a new mysterious clue that might be the key to ending the war. Between trying to defeat the Neverseen and Black Swan and figuring out who she can trust, Sophie's loyalty and strength are about to be pushed to the limit.  

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    Book #6: Nightfall

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by Amanda Tarlton | 11/7/2017
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