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Will Loey make it to the end of Haunted in Hollywood?

Imagine being a YouTube vlogger slash model and getting the amazing opportunity to do a cover shoot for a fashion magazine. Pretty cool, right? Well imagine the hotel you’re having your photoshoot at is riddled with ghosts—not so cool anymore, right?

That’s what's happening to Loey Lane and her friends as they try to help her survive her stay at the iconic but haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Haunted in Hollywood by Loey Lane with J.A. Katimer.

When Loey arrives at the hotel, she learns that there are murderous ghosts that roam the hallways. Rumor has it that if you see the ghost, you’ll die the next day! Unfortunately for Loey, she sees one outside of her bungalow. She recruits the help of her friends, AKA the LitSquad, a ghost-hunter and a very hot guy to help keep her alive. Will Loey survive or will she end up dead like the all the ghost stories say she will?

Be sure to follow Loey Lane on her YouTube channel and pick up Haunted in Hollywood: The Adventures of Loey Lane from Barnes and Noble right HERE.

If you want to find out if Loey will survive her stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, pick up Haunted in Hollywood in your local bookstore or find it online.


by Katlyn Pierre | 11/17/2017
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