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This girl faces typical teen struggles as an illegal immigrant

Being a teenager is hard enough—but being a teenager who’s an illegal immigrant? Even harder. In Americanized: Rebel Without A Green Card, a memoir, author Sara Saedi is growing up in the 90s and dealing with all the tricky teenage problems: acne, finding a date to prom and finding out that she is what her sister calls “an illegal alien.” Sara and her family left Iran when she was only two years old, and she had always assumed she was just as American as her little brother, who was born here.

Sara is stunned at this revelation, and is scared that any day she could be kicked out of the country. Sara uses her hilarious diary entries from her teenage years to tell her story of an Iranian girl figuring out life without a social security number. Although serious, Sara's telling of her struggles is seriously funny at time, and she explains Iranian history and culture in a way that's easy to understand.

Grab Americanized: Rebel Without A Green Card here.

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by Kira Barrett | 2/16/2018
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