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Review: The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer Nielsen

Fantasy, action and romance combine for a whirlwind ride in Jennifer A. Nielsen's The Traitor's Game! At the center of it all is our heroine Kestra Dallisor, a nobleman's daughter who returns from a desert exile to the kingdom of Antora.

Kestra was raised to be loyal to the tyrant king Lord Endrick. Upon her return, she finds herself held captive by a rebel group and is forced to help them find the Olden Blade so that they can take him down. And if she doesn't? Her servants will be killed. Without choice, Kestra sets out to find the blade, but she doesn't go at it alone. Two of the rebel group's soldiers, Simon and Trina, join her—and with just four days to find it, every second counts.

As the days pass, Kestra uncovers secrets from her past and must make a life-changing decision: Should she betray her father and the way of the Dallisors? Or should she give into to the rebellion and turn her back on everyone she's ever known and held dear? Kestra encounter sword fights, magic and arranged marriage along the way to discovering which side is the one worth sacrificing herself for.

The Traitor's Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen is availble to purchase HERE and bookstores everywhere.

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by Andrea Ruano | 3/2/2018
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