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Review: Stand Beautiful by Chloe Howard


Ever felt like reading a tale of heroism and encouragement? We have just your book. Stand Beautiful by Chloe Howard is a story for any girl who has ever experienced harassment. At 14, Chloe became suddenly aware that her foot deformity, what made her special, was a tool kids would use to torment her. 

Ever since she was born, Chloe was reminded that her feet made her exceptional. Her battle scars were never something she would have thought to be a weapon to use against her. It was something she was born with, a painful reminder of her unique beauty.

Chloe was proud of what made her special, up until she wasn’t. Freshman year, Chloe was rudely awakened to the brutal opinions of her peers. As she sat in the quad peacefully eating lunch during her first three months of high school, someone she thought was her friend forcibly took her shoe off, exposing her foot to all of her new high school peers. This was when the tormenting began. Her superpower became her curse. 

It took a surprise encounter with a celeb and the support of those closest to her to help Chloe realize there is no “normal.” Being different makes you, Y-O-U. She calls this gift of realizing your uniqueness “standing beautiful.” Nobody is "normal," we all have things that make us special, embrace what makes you individual, and stand beautiful too.

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by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 5/30/2018
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