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Review: Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly Devos

Graduating high school with dreams in mind of traveling away from her home in Phoenix to become a fashion designer studying at Parsons, Cookie finds herself ready to tackle the world. Her only problem? The fashion industry’s infatuation with thinness and wealth. Author Kelly Devos tackles the topic of body image and loving all of yourself in her new book, Fat Girl on a Plane

Cookie's job at a fashion blog sends her to New York in hopes of winning a scholarship. But then, Cookie finds herself at the airport, portfolio in hand, and declared too fat to fly. After calling upon her best friend to help her buy a second ticket, she arrives in New York to have been replaced by the boss’ daughter who is everything that she is not: super skinny and super rich. Seeing the boss’ daughter in her spot pushes Cookie to lose the weight to appeal to societal standards of beauty.

In another timeline, we find Cookie working and studying in New York as a designer with dreams of making glamorous clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. With the pressure of the fashion industry weighing on her, Cookie is having a hard time seeing her vision come to life in a world where only skinny is in. 

Will Cookie accomplish her goals and learn to see the beauty in who see is? Will she break down the walls in the fashion industry and create clothing for all women? Find out in Fat Girl on a Plane

You can grab Fat Girl on a Plane in book stores everywhere and online HERE.

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by Margot Kohler | 5/28/2018