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Review: What You Left Me by Bridget Morrissey

Imagine having an instant connection with your true love in the last moments of your high school career. After preparing to leave your old life behind, you are suddenly given a reason to hold on. Bridget Morrissey’s What You Left Me details the complicated experiences of an unexpected connection. 

High school seniors, Martin and Petra instantly connect when they are seated next to each other at their commencement ceremony. Even after walking past each other in the hallways, Martin and Petra discover a new connection, as if they’re strangers. 

Their simple love story is interrupted in an instant when Martin is in a life-threatening car accident. Petra is left putting her life back together as Martin lays in a coma. Surrounded by friends and family, Petra pieces together dreams and memories to keep their connection strong. She strives to uncover the truth of this heartbreaking situation and finds that the unexpected bond she and Martin share is his only hope at waking up. 

This dramatic tale of love and discovery is a true testament to the strength of a newfound relationship. Surrounded by all those who love him, will Petra be able to wake Martin?

What You Left Me by Bridget Morrissey is available for purchase HERE and in bookstores everywhere!

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by Cassie Doyle-Hines | 6/2/2018
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