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6 cute phone cases every bibliophile will love

Since you can’t carry around an actual novel *everywhere*, here are six phone cases that'll let everyone know you're a book babe at heart.

If you have a huuuuuge TBR list, this case is a reminder of your true priorities. (So Many Books, So Little Time Case, $25)

Ravenclaws unite! This case is perfect for the most famously bookish of all the Hogwarts students. P.S. This shop has cases for all four houses. (Ravenclaw Case, $26)'re busy. (You See Me Reading...Why are You Still Talking? Case, $25)

Sometimes you need a li'l reminder as to where all the magic happens. (Go to the Library Case, $10-$15)

This super protective case has an adorable, and timeless, illustration. (Library Scene Case, $20-$58)

This case *actually* looks like a book. Clever, no? (Leather Book Style Case, $25)

Which is your fave? Let us know in the comments.


by Deanna Schwartz | 7/23/2018