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Add these three moody + mystical stories to your fall reading list

It's (almost) fall! That means crunchy leaves, brisk walks in the park and cuddles on the couch with a good book. But which pageturner should you pick up next? Enter: these three dark, dreamy and dramatic reads recommened by a few fab bibliophile GL girls. 

So get cozy, light a candle...and crack the spine of a spellbinding new story!

Ogre Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

A clever heroine is determined to defy expectations—and outwit a fairy’s curse.

Deanna S. says...
Tiny Tagline. This is what it's *really* like to be an ogre.
Book bio. When teen doctor Evie turns down a proposal, a fairy transforms her into an ogre—and if she doesn't accept another proposal within 62 days, she'll stay that way forever
Recommended to readers who... loved Ella Enchanted. It's set in the same world, and it's just as clever and hilarious.


Alexandra S. says...
Character crush. Both funny and fierce, Evie will take you on a quest to find true love...admist an ogre of an obstacle.
Style assesment. The author brilliantly balances levity with intensity. It was somehow heartwarming, exciting, moving, hilarious and even scary—all that at the exact same time. 
Wise words. Loved this little gem from page 239: "I may not be believed, but I still have to speak."
Love lessons. The power of love and the power of self-love are important themes in this book.

The Dreamway by Lisa Papademetriou

A young girl journeys into her dreams to save her brother form the darkness that surrounds him.

Emily L. says...
Book bio. When Stella’s twin bro is attacked by a shadow creature and imprisoned in the Dreamway, she must set out to bring him home...before he’s lost forever.
Tough stuff. If you read between the lines of the book— and apply the plot to issues with mental health, particularly depression—it’ll become an infinitely more enriching (and important) read.
Wise words. Something we should always remind ourselves on page 288: “We’re all a lot stronger than we look.”

Rachel S. says...
In three words. Visionary, allegorical, inspiring.
Deep thoughts. Reading about the Dreamway made me think about how I get in my head when I’m overwhelmed or bothered, which was a super interesting opportunity to reflect.
Style assesment. The author’s ability to capture the essence of places and characters is incredible. So descriptive.


The Collectors by Jacqueline West

Even the smallest wish can be dangerous. That's why the Collectors are *always* keeping watch.

Joy C. says...
Book bio. Van collects the little things that everyone else seems to overlook—and one day he realizes just how powerful he is in a world where wishes really do come true.
Style assessment. The last page of every chapter urges you to turn the page and see what happens next. The author made the reader feel *exactly* what the character felt, which was intense—and exciting.
Wise words. I loved this quote from page 372: “There were treasures everywhere. You just had to know how to look.” So true!
Life lessons. This book really makes you think about how *everything* you do affects something or someone else...whether it was your intention or not.

Mallory P. says...
In three words. 
Magical, mysterious, riveting.
Character crush. It was intriguing to meet Van, who sees what others don’t. He inspired me to have a more open mind.
Perfect for... If you can’t decide what kind of book to read, The Collectors will fulfill *all* your novel needs—it has a little bit of everything.

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by GL | 9/14/2018
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