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Read the original poem "Dragon Inside of Me" by a GL reader

They only look at me.
They do not see me.
I am just Another in the world.

They could not care less
That I am outside
Waiting to see if they see me.

They do not think I am beautiful,
Or strong, or brave,
Or wise, or of any worth.

But they do not know
About the fire in my veins and
How when they are not watching
Wings spread from my back and
How my scales glitter with stardust
And shine in the morning sun and
How I fly high enough to see stars in the day and
Am the ruler supreme of the land

And it doesn’t matter if they see,
And it doesn’t matter if they care,
For eyes did never and never will make
The dragon inside of me.

by GL Reader | 9/12/2018
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