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Teen Read Week: Win a new book *every* day this month!

Teen Read Week celebrates reading—just for the fun of it! Novel idea, right? In honor of TRW we're giving away *tons* of new titles. Each day in October we're featuring a new one on our site. The best part? You can enter to win every single title all month long. Check 'em out below and good luck!

Best. Grand. Prize. Ever! One book-loving babe will snag a stash of stories in this adorable tote. Enter all month long. CLICK HERE to enter to win. 

October 1: The Isle of Gold 
By Seven Jane
An orphan sets sail to unravel her past ($15). Enter here to win!

October 2: 12 Before 13
By Lisa Greenwald
Two friends make a birthday bucket list ($17). Enter here to win!

October 3: The Collectors 
By Jacqueline West
A boy uncovers the magical world of wishes ($17). Enter here to win!

October 4: The Dreamway
By Lisa Papademetriou
Stella travels the Dreamway to save her brother ($17). Enter here to win!

October 5: Ogre Enchanted 
By Gail Carson Levine
Evie becomes an ogre in this Ella Enchanted prequel ($18). Enter here to win!

October 6: The Darkest Legacy
By Alex Bracken
A new novel in the hit The Darkest Minds series ($19). Enter here to win!

October 7: Little White Lies
By Jennifer Lynn Barnes
New from the author of The Natural series ($18). Enter here to win!

October 8: Words We Don't Say
By K.J. Kelly
A moving contemporary read about love and loss ($18). Enter here to win!

October 9: The Seven Torments of Amy and Craig
By Don Zolidis
The heartbreaks and joys of Amy and Craig ($18). Enter here to win!

October 10: Lousiana's Way Home
By Kate DiCamillo
Win the book and the Rancheros T-shirt ($17). Enter here to win!

October 11: Reality Gold
By Tiffany Brooks
(20 teens + buried treasure) x filed live= drama ($16). Enter here to win!

October 12: Twice Dead
By Caitlin Seal
Book #1 of the Necromancer's Song series ($18). Enter here to win!

October 13: Touch of Gold
By Annie Sullivan
Kora must face her own curse as she saves her kingdom ($18). Enter here to win!

October 14: Meet the Sky
By McCall Hoyle
The story of Sophie, who craves stability and safety in a storm ($18). Enter here to win!

October 15: Swing
By Kwame Alexander with Mary Rand Hess
For anyone who's struggled to find their voice ($19). Enter here to win!

October 16: The Color of Lies
By CJ Lyons
The lines between facts and reality are blurred ($18). Enter here to win!

October 17: The Storm Runner
By J.C. Cervantes
​​​​​​​Rick Riordan presents a Maya mythology adventure ($17). Enter here to win!

October 18: The Isle of the Lost
Adapted by Robert Venditti, Art by Kat Fajardo
A graphic novel adaptation of Isle of the Lost ($22). Enter here to win!

October 19: Cole & Sav: Our Suprising Love Story
By Cole and Savannah Labrant
​​​​​​​Read the messy, inspiring love story of YouTube stars Cole and Sav ($25). Enter here to win!

October 20: Ignite The Stars
By Maura Milan
​​​​​​​Ia is enemy #1—and she's only 17 ($18). Enter here to win!

October 21: The Unpredicability of Being Human
By Linni Ingemundsen
​​​​​​​If Malin was God for a day, she'd make perfect popcorn ($13). Enter here to win!

October 22: Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel
By A. W. Jantha
​​​​​​​The Sanderson sisters are back in an all-new novel ($13). Enter here to win!

October 23: It's Your Universe
By Ashley Eckstein
​​​​​​​You have the power to make it happen ($18). Enter here to win!

October 24: Mother Know's Best
By Serena Valentino
​​​​​​​A witch's untold tale of youth and dark magic ($18). Enter here to win!​​​​​​​

October 25: Part of Your World
By Liz Braswell
​​​​​​​What if Ariel never defeated Ursula? ($18) Enter here to win!

October 26: The Echo Room
By Parker Peevyhouse 
Can you escape the Echo Room? Dare to try ($18). Enter here to win!

October 27: Home and Away
By Candice Montgomery 
Black and fabulous Taze questions her identity ($18). Enter here to win!

October 28: The Insatiables
By Brittany Terwilliger
​​​​​​​Success and betrayal go hand in hand ($15). Enter here to win!

October 29: Speed of Life
By Carol Weston
Sofia's life is just begining ($10). Enter here to win!

October 30: Why Can't I Be You
By Melissa Walker
What if Claire could just be someone else ($17)? Enter here to win!

October 31: Girl On Pointe 
By Chloe Lukasiak 
An inspiring memior from Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak ($19). Enter here to win!

by GL | 9/30/2018