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Gift Guide: For the babe who's constantly reading

It's getting chilly outside, which means there's nothing we want to do more than curl up in a blanket and read a good book. Whether you do this alone or with your friends all winter long, here's the *perf* list of gifts for any story-loving bookworm in your life - she deserves it!

1. Floating Bookshelves, $25

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf, Small, Silver, Set of 3

If she's a reader *and* into a little decor, these bookshelves will be the perfect place to stack her books in style, all while keeping her room looking chic!

2. Looking for Alaska Penguin Mini, $10

Make sure to get your bestie this mini-version (it's pocket-sized!) of John Green's amazing novel Looking for Alaska before the new series hits Hulu next year.

3. Old Books Candle, $13

A book-scented candle

Want to get her something that isn't a book? Try this candle that she can light in her room when she wants the scent of an old book, dust included.

4. Papercuts: A Party Game, $20

Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read

Much like Apples to Apples, this game is perfect for anyone who is obsessed with reading and loves trivia, but still wants to have a little fun with twisting book "facts."

5. CROCOMARK Bookmark, $13

Is your BFF always losing her page? Get her this cute and hilarious crocodile bookmark so she can always find her place (and laugh a bit when she picks up her book).

6. Out of Print Socks, $12

Related image

Perfect for the friend campaigning against banning books, these socks from Out of Print are cool *and* have an important message written into the fabric.

7. Postcards from Penguin, $22

This box set of postcards showcases covers of novels from over 70 years of publication, a perf gift for your book-loving friend!

8. This Book is a Camera, $27

This Book Is a Camera in color

This book is *literally* a camera, and it lets your friend practice her photography skills while learning the basics of the craft. How cool is that?!

9. Justice Ultra Squad graphic novel, $8

For your babe who hearts graphic novels and loves girl power even more. 

What are some of your fave bookworm gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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by Logan Potter | 12/14/2018