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The charming and quirky Best Babysitters Ever by Caroline Cala is a must-read

Life has not been going the way Malia Twiggs expected it to. She left half of the answers on her math test blank, she shattered her phone and her crush won't notice her. Not to mention, she feels like she'll *never* live up to her namesake, Malia Obama, daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama, ofc.

Malia's life changes when she has a chance encounter with the classic 1990s book series The Babysitter's Club. Upon reading the first book, she hatches a plan. She rounds up her BFFs and decides to start a babysitting business just like Kristy Thomas did back in the day. Her crew? None other than besties Bree and Dot. Bree comes from a huge family and is obsessed with Taylor Swift. Dot longs for an ordinary life away from her free-spirited mother. None of them have babysitting experience, but that all changes when a neighbor takes a chance on them. 

Although the girls are unsure about taking care of kids at first, they realize that these gigs come with a major perk: enough cash to fund their *dream* 13th birthday bashes. Things begin to look up for Malia (now known as "Alia" for short)—until her sister, Chelsea starts her *own* babysitting biz, The Seaside Sitters, to take Malia and her friends down. 

Will the Seaside Sitters run the girls out of business? Will these three besties host the party of their *dreams* or will it be a complete *disaster?* 

Score your copy of Best Babysitters Ever by Caroline Cala—out now!


by Emily Fishel | 2/19/2019
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