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3 must-read books you *and* your mom will love

Happy (almost) Mother's Day to all the mammas out there!

Want to celebrate the lovely lady in your life this upcoming Sunday? Snag these three inspiring stories about three strong female leads (aka SFLs!) written by four talented female authors...

Ask Emma: Frenemies
By Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk (Penned by former GL intern Carrie and her mom!)
Yellow Jacket Reads, $17
The SFL: Emma Woods
Why we <3 her: She’s not afraid to speak her mind
The plot: Advice blogger Emma is known for dishing out words of wisdom to her classmates—that is, until she promises her principal she’ll take a hiatus. But when she sets aside blogging, she soon realizes she’s the one in need of advice.

Cold Day In the Sun
By Sara Biren
Amulet Books, $18
The SFL: Holland Delviss
Why we <3 her: She stands out
The plot: Holland is the only girl on the boys’ varsity hockey team. When her squad scores some media attention, her gender is all anyone talks about—and Holland finds herself leaning on the last person she ever expected: her team’s headstrong co-captain, Wes.

Night Music
By Jenn Marie Thorne
Dial Books, $18
The SFL: Ruby Chertok
Why we <3 her: She knows when to let her guard down
The plot: When teen pianist Ruby bombs an audition, she plans to step away from classical music for the summer. Enter Oscar—a cute, pompous and prodi- gious YouTube-famous teen musician— and suddenly those plans change.

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by Sydney Adamson | 5/6/2019