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Why you should read Internment by Samira Ahmed


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What Internment is about...
Internment by Samira Ahmed revolves around the story of 17-year old girl Layla Amin. Layla is a muslim girl living in the United States with her parents who are suddenly forced to leave their home and are placed into an internment camp specifically for Muslim Americans.

Why it's important...
The parallels of this story to current events in American society and government today (see: the immigration crisis) are part of what makes this novel all-at-once enthralling and heartbreaking. Internment provides an alternate perspective from someone personally affected by this particular social issue, which is a point of view that some Americans are not even aware exists or know much about. 

With the current political climate, it has never been a better time to welcome this narrative into your life. Not only will it kick your empathy into high gear, Layla's journey will  cause you to rethink your own preconceived notions about those from other countries and require you to think from a different perspective. 

Why you'll love it...
The rallying nature and resistance of the characters in this book will help you find your own voice, and they make this read an excellent addition to anyone’s book shelf.

Will you join Layla and countless others in her fight for freedom? Sound off in the comments below!

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by Griffin Kirk-Short | 5/23/2019