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13 things to do before summer is *officially* over

Back-to-school is full of lists: School supplies, elective sign-ups, summer reading to name it, there's a task to complete and cross off. 

But the fun of summer doesn't have to be over just because school is about to start. There's plenty of time to bond with your bestie, make memories with your squad and be your *best* self—just ask Kaylan and Arianna from The Friendship List series by Lisa Greenwald. This dynamic duo loves to make lists for everything: school, love, goals and more. What could possible go wrong? Plenty! And it's those ups and downs that keep readers turning pages from start to finish. 

Inspired by Kaylan and Ari, we put together this *must-do* end-of-summer bucket list. Challenge yourself to cross off all 13 items, then read all about the girls' to-do list drama in 13 and Counting, the lastest addition to The Friendship List series. Are you ready?

1. Stay up until sunrise with your BFF.

Catch up on *everything* in a marathon talk sesh—and don't forget the midnight snacks! 

2. Plan an *epic* party. 

Once the school year gets started, you'll be pumped to have something to look forward to. Why not a fab bash thrown by yours truly? 

3. Tell your crush how you feel. 

Open your heart and be honest—unless you try, you'll never know! 

4. Do something that scares you.

Take a deep breath, text your squad for support and face one of your greatest fears. 

5. Help a person in need.

Kaylan and Ari use their list to create positive change in their community—and you can, too. Volunteer for a cause that speaks to you.

6. Become a leader.

Whether it's your squad, your sibs or your school, whether you know it or not, you've got plenty of people looking up to you. So remember to try and always to be someone you (and they) will be proud of. 

7. Break out of your usual routine.

Feeling overwhelmed and overscheduled? Treat yourself to a day of doing...absolutely zilch. Then get up and tackle your To Dos relaxed and recharged.

8. Organize your bedroom.

There's no getting around it: A clean room leads to a clean mind, so set yourself up for success this year by sorting, straightening and stashing everything in its proper place.

9. Shop for school supplies.

What's more better loading up on stylish new school supplies? Correct answer: nothing.

10. Pursue your passions.

Whether you're into comedy like Kaylan, mindfulness like Ari or you just want to try something new, spend these last few weeks delving deep into a hobby that piques your interest. 

11. Update your lewk.

Find a new nickname, get highlights or shake up your style—you're the only person like you, so express your fabulous self! 

12. Go on an adventure.

Hike the tallest mountain in your state, talk your fam into camping for the weekend or spend an afternoon lost in a bookstore, museum or theater. 

13. Keep your friendships stronger than ever.

Though a new school year is sure to bring big changes, you and your crew can weather *any* storm when you stick together—just like Kaylan and Ari. So spend these last summer days building those bud bonds at the beach or a BBQ. Besties are the *best*!

Want more adventures from Kaylan and Arianna?

Then be sure to read 11 Before 12 and 12 Before 13, the first two *amazing* books in The Friendship List series. Keep up with Kaylan and Ari as they create the list of a lifetime, and try to hold onto their friendship in the process...

Can't wait to read 13 and Counting? Click HERE. 

Book covers: HarperCollins. GIF credit: Giphy.


by Katherine Hammer | 8/6/2019