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These fabulous CEOs are about to be your sheroes

Who runs the world? Girls. Beyoncé said it (she's always right, obvi) and you know it's true.

From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Michelle Obama, there is no shortage of *amazing* female role models to lead the way. Whether you dream of running your own company, writing a bestselling novel or fighting for humanitarian rights, there's a boss lady who has paved the road ahead—and can guide you along your path to success.

Girls Who Run the World is packed with on point, unique advice from the mentors you love—and those you haven't even heard of yet. The stories (the highest highs *and* the lowest lows), tips and anecdotes from these thirty incredible CEOs are gripping and uplifting.

Get to know some of these inspiring women making HERstory...

Jenn Hyman, Rent the Runway


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Everyone wants an amazing dress for a big night out. But who wants to drop a ton of cash on something that, let's be honest, you'll only wear once? That gave Jenn an idea: Why not rent clothingWhether you're headed to homecoming, a holiday party or friend's birthday, Rent the Runway gives people the opportunity to reach outside their closet, take clothing risks and experiment with new brands, fabrics and lewks (plus, no repeats on your Insta feed).

In Girls Who Run the World, hear about everything from Jenn's very first business idea (hint: it involved selling bracelets on the beach) to her own personal mantra.

Maci Peterson Philitas, On Second Thought


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Ever rage texted about your parents to your BFF...but sent the missive to your mom instead? Or texted back a new babysitting client...only to later notice a glaring typo? We've all been there: writing a message we *totally* wish we could take back. It was her own embarrassing text moment that pushed Maci to take action, leading to her amaze company, On Second Thought.

Through Maci's story in Girls Who Run the World, learn all about the ins and outs of starting a business—finding funding, pitching to investors and handling rejection—and consider the real-life issues that ignite your own entrepreneurial spirit.

Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe


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Where did your family live in the 19th century? Why do you love cilantro, but your brother thinks it tastes like soap? How did you become the way you are?

Anne set out to answer these *big* questions with her personal DNA-testing company, 23andMe. With a simple mail-in kit, you can get tons of important info about you and your fam—from your cultural background to your sensitivity to caffeine.

Anne's path to career success hasn't been an easy one—instead, it's been a long, winding road with tons of twists, turns and setbacks. Learn all about her history and why she *loves* being a CEO in Girls Who Run the World.

Check out Girls Who Run the World to meet the hotshots above, plus get to know the founders of a celeb-endorsed ice cream company, a game-changing beauty startup, a fitness empire and *so* much more!

by Katherine Hammer | 10/15/2019