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This riveting read takes you on an unforgettable adventure through time

If you could time travel anywhere, where would you go?

Maybe you'd head to the Medieval ages, to see  how people lived back then (hint: fewer showers).

Or maybe you'd visit the Founding Fathers to ignite your Hamilton-inspired imagination and rewrite the Constitution (equality for women? Yes, plz).

Perhaps you'd just head back to last week, and *finally* gain the courage to stand up to a bully, retake that awful math quiz or ask your crush on a date.

To most of us, time travel is a far-off fantasy, but to Rose in the Tangled in Time series, it's her reality.

It all begins when, after a family tragedy, Rose moves in with her eccentric grandmother. Rose spends lots of time in her comforting greenhouse and stumbles on the adventure of a lifetime.

Tangled in Time: The Portal started Rose's enthralling journey, but it was only the beginning. Here are 3 things we're *totally* obsessing over in the amazing second book in the series, Tangled in Time 2: The Burning Queen.

You learn what it's like to *really* be royalty

In The Burning Queen, Rose voyages way back in time: to sixteenth-century England and its Princesses, Elizabeth and Mary. Rose gets to live out her fashion dreams as she takes on the work of creating the princesses' gowns, but regal life isn't all crowns and sashes. There's family conflict, religious tension and societal upheaval. It's all so brilliantly transporting that, until your phone buzzes with an Insta notif, you won't remember you're actually in 2019.

Rose takes on the challenges of our time, too

It's not just historical battles Rose has to conquer. Back home in present-day Indiana, she makes a new friend: Marisol, who is an immigrant to the United States. Marisol fears not only the everyday struggles of middle school but a possible encounter with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Can Rose keep her friend safe and strengthen their bond in the process? You'll have to read to find out.

It's got magic, excitement and heartwarming moments galore

Amidst her fantastical time travels, Rose longs for the comforts of home and family. In The Burning Queen, be prepared for *major* feels as Rose gets to know her long-lost father and discovers the role he's played in her escapades. Then, a plot twist leaves Rose questioning if she should play it safe—or take the biggest risk of all. 

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by Katherine Hammer | 10/29/2019