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Book Review: Suck It Up

Move over, Twilight, because there’s another vampire book in town. Do you think you know all about vampires? Do you fall in the category of thinkers who believe:

-They hate the sun
-They have no reflection
-They thrive on human blood
-They morph to and from bats
-A steak through the heart does them in
-They sleep in a casket

Well, if this is your take, you are wrong.  At least according to Brian Meehl’s book Suck It Up.  This novel challenges the normal belief system of vampires and paints a different picture of the lords of night.

Morning McCobb’s life before he was turned wasn’t so great.  He was a scrawny 16-year-old boy who lived in the St. Giles Group Home for Boys.  He aspired to be a superhero and a firefighter.  But his plans were interrupted when Morning became a SangFU, a vampire by mistake.  Now, as he prepares to graduate from the Leager Academy for the International Vampire League, his predicament hasn’t really changed.  He is still a scrawny 16-year-old boy, and will continue to be for eternity, a misfit in comparison to the other older-looking, fit vampires.

Vampires long to assimilate into everyday human life. However, they are of course worried about the reaction of the mortal folk.  Morning has been selected by Luther Birnam, the headmaster of the academy, to be the first vampire to come out to the people.  By doing this, rather than living among humans and moving every so many years, he will get to fulfill his dreams—his human dreams. 

Naturally, not everyone is keen on this idea, namely the Loner vampires.  These are the vampires that refuse to live by the Leaguer’s peaceful ways.  They continue to prey on human blood, while Leaguers have found substitutes, like the vegan drink, Blood Lite.  Morning’s rise to fame and his efforts to out vampires safely are in jeopardy, as some vampires would rather see him obliterated than advertising their existence.

Besides Morning’s many press-related activities that go on as he continues to make his true identity known, Morning has some longings of both a normal teenage boy and a normal vampire boy.  However, Morning has to learn to fight the ache in his jaw as he is tempted by the ambitious, sultry Portia and decides if it’s a kiss he wants or a bite.

The book dispels the old notions of vampires and promotes knowledge of the misunderstood race.  So rather than fear the historically violent, and apparently inaccurate, antics of vampires, we can happily welcome them into our own lairs.  Trust me, you’ll be really sink your teeth into this one.

—Emily Capp
8/29/2008 7:05:00 AM
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