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Let It Snow is the holiday romance you *need* to read

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Let It Snow is a collection of three holiday romance stories, each written by a different author. All three stories are set in the same town, and follow different events after a big snowstorm in the area. All of the stories end up connecting in the end, and the romances are *so* sweet and festive. Let It Snow will be your *fave* holiday book in no time. 

The first short story, The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson follows Jubilee, who's parents are spending Christmas Even in jail due to a strange series of events involving miniature decorative houses. While on the train to her grandparents' house, the train gets stuck in the snow and Jubilee meets Stuart. The two go on a snow-covered adventure, and *spoiler alert* they fall in love.

If you've read anything by John Green, you know that he knows how to write the funniest *and* cutest romances. In A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, Tobin and his friends, JP and Angie (who goes by "the Duke") are traveling to their local Waffle House when they hear about the group of cheerleaders stranded there. A series of car troubles and shenanigans help Tobin and the Duke realize their feelings for each other. We're suddenly craving waffles...

Lauren Myracle's The Patron Saint of Pigs is even cuter than the teacup pig in the story. While chasing around a teacup pig as a present for her friend, Addie learns a lesson or two about being a good friend and girlfriend and even meets all the other characters at the Waffle House. (Anyone else asking for a teacup pig for Christmas now?)

If you still can't get enough of these adorable stories, be sure to check out the Netflix adaptation of the book that captures the holiday vibes perfectly. 

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by Abigail Adams | 11/21/2020