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Cozy Couch Reads: The Debutante by Kathryn Williams

Annie McRae has her whole senior year planned out. Early acceptance to Brown University, a field hockey scholarship to pay the bills and days spent with her best friend Jamie and her boyfriend Jake.
It is going to be perfect.
But then her parents ruin it all by moving…to Alabama. Now, Annie finds herself in an unfamiliar world where she isn't even sure she speaks the same language.
To top it off, she discovers that if she ever wants to escape back to her comfortable Yankee life, she will have to become a debutante!
As in white-dress-wearing, perfect-manners-practicing, curtsying girly-girl.
Begrudgingly, Annie spends the year learning to be a lady. Along the way, she discovers that friends can come from the most unlikely of places and that change is not always a bad thing.


1. Annie finds herself doing something she really doesn't want to do but learns something about herself in the process. Have you ever learned something about yourself from doing something you didn't want to?

2. Annie moves to Beaufort thinking a lot of stereotypes about the South. What are some stereotypes people might have about you (that are or aren't true)?

3. Did you ever disagree with Annie? How did this make you feel about her character?

4. When she moves to Alabama, Annie initially detests the idea of being a girly-girl debutante. Would you ever want to have a debut?

5. If you were a debutante, what would be your favorite part of the process? Anything about being a debutante you would not enjoy?
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11/10/2008 10:00:00 AM
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