You Wrote It

This poem describes bullying *perfectly*

Cyber Bully

A teardrop runs down her face,
Slides past her cheekbone,
Slowly, it drips off her chin,
And she has never felt so alone.

What do they do,
What do they say,
To make her feel terrible,
In words she cannot say.

Is it the messages,
Or the texts she gets,
To make her have,
So many regrets.

They make her feel awful,
And horrible inside,
She hates herself,
More than anything alive.

Thanks to all the social networking,
And the phones taken advantage of,
She wants to be gone from Earth,
And sent straight above.

So think about this,
The next time you send,
A message so mean,
It could put a life to an end.

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by GL Reader | 1/14/2019