You Wrote It

Saturday read: "In Time," an original poem

Upon graduation, this GL girl felt an abundance of new responsibilities. 

"Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life"
Why do those words slice my ears like a knife?

It’s like someone pulled the rug from underneath of where I’m standing
And I’m on the floor buried underneath all my new responsibilities,
I feel like I might end up spending my ‘glory days’ in a mental facility.

I feel like I’m in an empty pool just floating
The wind is not sure where to carry me
The sun is blaring and I just can’t see.

Everyone lied; I don’t feel young, wild, and free
I need a purpose, a plan, some space; people say it just takes some time,
I want to come in first, I want to be selfish, is that a crime?

But I feel alone, I should be happy, why am I not excited?
A new chapter has begun, but I don’t feel any different,
No more daydreaming, this is real, the future is mine,
I’ve got the drive; does the rest fall into place in time?

How does "In Time" make you feel? Can you relate? Let us know in the comments!


by GL | 6/3/2017
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