You Wrote It

Check out this *sweet* poem, "The Girl in the Corner," by a GL reader like you!

Have you seen the girl in the corner?
Sitting all by herself,
In a world of her own,
With her nose between two covers,
All alone.

Right now she is on an
Swimming in a sea of words,
With the clashes and clangs
Of a beautiful but deadly dance with swords.

She is with some of her closest friends,
Trying to save
A mysterious and magical world
That is not her own.

A world that is just as
Hectic as ours,
Maybe even more so.
But she likes it a hundred times
Better than the real world.

She is a bookworm,
She has lived a thousand lives,
All contained within her own.

And to her,
Books are
Dreams come true.

Are you a poet? Do you love to read? Sound off below!


by GL Reader | 11/7/2019