You Wrote It

An original poem: "Finding Yourself" by Zoe M.

Reader Zoe M. submitted this poem to GL, and we heart it. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

You see her everywhere,
But you don’t know the face.
Who is she?
How do you know her?
Is she friend, family,
Teacher or Mentor?
You see her at school,
Out your window.
Always alone.
No friends.
No family.
Your friends don’t see her.
Only you.

You see her one day,
Walking and you follow.
She walks down a twisted path,
Past the school.
Finally she stops and looks at you.
You see her face and know who she is.
She is you.
You turn and leave.
The next day you ask your friends,
If they see her,
They say they do.
Everyone can’t see her,
Only some.

The ones who care,
The ones who know.
She is there until you welcome yourself.
You welcome your differences,
And insecurities.
Your shadow,
Not of light.
Your image.
The ones who can’t see her,
Are the ones who have found themselves,
Or don’t notice her.
She is there until you become you,
Then she fades from view.


by Zoe M. | 2/2/2019