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"Why I hardly ever wear makeup"

I barely ever wear makeup. And, when I say barely, I *mean* barely. As in, I haven't worn anything but lip gloss for a few *years* now. In the morning, I get to wake up, roll out of bed, get ready, and walk out the door-no makeup application required. I get to sleep in a little longer, and it doesn't take me as long to get ready.  

Fun fact: The only types of makeup I know how to apply is eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss. I actually don't know how to apply eyeshadow, bronzer, foundation or any other type of makeup product. I never learned how. 

There were times when I got interested in makeup, but I never took a *hardcore* interest in it. I was never the kind of person to wear a full face of makeup to school everyday. In fact, I was never the kind of person to wear *any* kind of makeup everyday-not even lip gloss. 

The first time I started paying attention to makeup was when I was 11 years old, in the sixth grade. At that point, a few girls at school had started wearing makeup, and so I wanted some too. I begged my mom to let me get gold eyeshadow, but she said no. 

In eighth grade, I wore lipstick to school sometimes. However, I didn't *really* start wearing makeup until I was in the ninth grade, when I was 14 years old-and even then, it was minimal. At that time, I wanted to wear makeup for my school yearbook pictures. So, I went makeup shopping. My mom took me to Sephora, where I got a eyeliner pencil (and I think mascara-but I can't remember). On the day of my school pictures, my mom helped me apply it to my face. 

I became interested in makeup again in tenth grade because my friend and I talked about it a lot. She wore makeup often, and gave me advice about it. So, again, I went to Sephora, and this time got liquid eyeliner, rather than a eyeliner pencil. I learned how to put it on by watching YouTube makeup videos. Liquid eyeliner was easier for me to apply than a eyeliner pencil, and so anytime I wore eyeliner, I wore liquid eyeliner. During tenth and eleventh grade, I wore makeup sometimes. 

Towards the end of eleventh grade, it was time for the high school prom. While some of the girls were getting their makeup done professionally for the occasion, I opted to do my own (partly due to convenience). Even then, I didn't wear a full face of makeup-only eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. I did the same thing for the twelfth grade prom. 

By the time I entered college, I was basically over makeup. It was just too much work. I didn't feel like applying eyeliner and mascara to my face each morning just to go to my classes. It seemed....pointless. I only wore makeup a few times during my freshman year, each during special occasions. Since then, the only kind of makeup I've worn is lip gloss—and even that is rare. 

And now you might ask, "Okay, Katherine, that's your background. But why don't you wear makeup *now*?". Aside from the obvious luxuries (like being able to sleep in longer and my morning routine being shorter) there is something much deeper to my reasoning. 

The truth is, I like not having to depend on makeup to feel good about myself. I like not having to worry about how my face looks on any given day. I like not having to carry a makeup bag around for "emergencies". I like not having to run for cover when someone sees me with no makeup on. I like not having to worry about if my eyeliner is crooked, or if my mascara might wear off before the day is over. I like feeling comfortable with my bare face. I don't have to wear makeup to feel confident about myself, and with that comes freedom. 

Now, please understand—I'm not saying that you should *never* wear makeup. There are times when I think makeup is *very* appropriate for the occasion. Most recently, I myself wore lip gloss when I was taking my college senior year pictures. I wore it to make my lips pop on camera. I also think makeup is good for art and expression. Some girls use makeup as a creative outlet, and I think this is cool. 

I just don't think girls should feel like they *have* to wear makeup to look good, or to hide their natural appearance. I think makeup should be used an an *enhancer*, but I don't think it should be used as a *crutch*. I think makeup should be used to bring out your *natural* beauty-not used to *cover* it up. 

So now, I want you to try something out. Go to school without makeup sometimes. Hang out with your friends without makeup sometimes. Go on walks without makeup sometimes. Once you start going sans makeup, you'll feel more comfortable to forgo your makeup bag in the morning. Wearing no makeup will just become a normal routine. 

You should feel comfortable in your natural look. If you *want* to wear makeup, that's fine. But, my point is, you should never feel like you *have* to wear makeup.  

Remember—your face is just fine, with or without makeup. 

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by Katherine Brown | 12/8/2020