You Wrote It

This GL girl's folklore-inspired poem is *so* dreamy

Rebekah Pierce, an original poem, by GL Reader Maya M. 

Did you know that I thought of you? 

Only on quiet mornings, alone on my porch, 

I would fantasize about what we could have been, 

The wild nights we missed. 

I'd bet you were disappointed when you heard the stories

Of my picket fence and accountant husband. 

Although I truly loved him, despite what you may have believed, 

I wondered, 

Did you ever think of me? 

You, spontaneous, untamed,

Never painting within the lines, 

Instead, creating your own blue skies and golden pathways. 

A life in bright colors, 

Like a vibrant mosaic, each piece a broken heart 

Of one of the many girls who longed to know you 

Like I did. 

It was the risk that drew me in, all the unknown that accompanied you. 

I fell so far, so fast, into you, my savior, my salvation, 

My lone chance of freedom. 

But I was naive and I couldn't commit, 

And although the liberation was within my grasp, 

The escape terrified me. 

And my mother whispered warnings, 

And my father arranged the marriage, 

And the wedding bells clanged, 

And the babies came, one after the other, 

And my life was a dream. 

But was it my dream? 

Because sometimes, 

On those quiet mornings, alone on my porch, 

I chose the other path. 

Tuxedo and gown neglected on the floor, 

Bathing in a golden tub 

Overflowing with the blissful bubbles of champagne, 

And a dazzling emerald ring to seal our love. 

Yes, I surely loved my picket fence and my accountant husband, 

But should it have been you? 

Because Oh how I love you. 

And it was only on those quiet mornings, 

For a few calm moments, 

That I longed for escape. 

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by Maya M. | 10/29/2020