5 clever ways to ask for your crush's number

You really, really, really want your crush's number. After all, how are you supposed to flirtext without it? The key to getting a cell number is to make sure that you have a good reason for asking. And we've got you covered. Read on for five clever ways to get those digits. Good luck, phone queens.

1. Homework
This one is easy as pie. If you and your crush are in classes together, ask for their number in case of a HW emergency. If you have a dentist appointment or they're out sick, you can text to keep each other up to date on any assignments. In a group project together? Even better. Get their number so you can coordinate times to meet up outside of class. Did someone say study date?

2. Extracurriculars
You've been crushin' on a guy, but you only see him before or after school at choir, math club, or track, and actually connecting with him seems pretty much impossible. Once you're on speaking terms, offer to give him your number in case he ever needs a ride. Yep, recruit the 'rents (and their car) to help out a nice guy (ahem, your crush) who might need a lift sometime. 

3. TV connection
You and your crush discover that you share something very important in common: a fave TV show. Ask her to text you next week to remind you that it's on. You'll be uber upset if you miss it, of course. This gives her the chance to swoop in to save the day like Wonder Woman and you the chance to text away during commercial breaks.

4. Sporty scores
If you know your crush is planning to watch or play in a big game, ask them to text you the score when it's over. You gotta know what happened. Just 'cause you're busy studying or practicing piano or at a match of your own, doesn't mean you can't keep up with game results...and your potential BF.

5. Mutual friends
Group hangs are the ultimate way to get together with you're crush because they keep things low pressure. So, team up with a friend or two and start texting other friends to hang out in a group setting. Ask a mutual friend of your crush to add your crush to your group chat so they don't miss any of the deets. After you all hang out, text them to keep the fun going.

What sneaky ways have you asked for your crush's number? Share in the comments!

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by Karin Elwood | 12/30/2018