How to deal with a breakup

Breakups are never fun, but you will survive, trust. Dealing with any breakup can be stressful, hurtful and cause you to feel absolutely sick. Here’s some advice on how to help mend your broken heart.

Talk to your mamma

When you and your BF split the first person you should talk to is your mom. Not only has she experienced everything you are currently feeling once before, she knows you better than anyone and will do her best to give you all of the love you need. Mom will be there for when you need to vent and cry and will do her best to bring a smile to your face.

GNO “Girl’s Night Out”

Spending as little time alone is key to getting over a breakup. Make sure to chill with your BFF’s as much as possible. Have sleepovers, paint each other’s nails, watch your fave movies and make cupcakes. Down time with the BFF’s is always the best medicine.

Eat your feelings….to an extent.

So when we say eat your feelings we don’t mean sitting in bed all day and night eating a box of chocolates. That’s so cliché. Instead, treat yourself for the night for being strong by eating that piece of chocolate cake that you would usually say no to. But be sure to maintain a healthy diet during a breakup because too many sugars can wreck your mood.

Go on a run

Even though you may not love to go on runs, working out is super beneficial for your state of mind. If you become a couch potato when you’re feeling down, your mood won’t change. By going on a power walk or a run, you will be pushing yourself to accomplish a certain goal, which will help clear your mind.

Stay busy

Now is a great time to pick up a new hobby, especially one that gives you an outlet to express yourself. Try a new art project or pick up a notebook to start journaling. Making lists is always helpful. Why not five reasons why this break up is good for you? Fish for positive aspects about a negative situation and you will def grow stronger.

Delete him

OK so we don’t mean you have to delete him from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your cell. But he should def not be constantly on the top of your Newsfeed. Make sure to erase any old text messages that you may continuously read over. While you’re at it, change your settings to make him a lower priority on social media.

Don’t be visibly upset near him

It is totes OK to cry to your fam, your friends and even alone because it will help let off some steam. But just be sure to NOT cry in front of your ex. If you are trying to win him back, that will only drive him further away because boys don’t do well with tears. Instead, when you pass him in the hall, take a deep breath and hold your head up high. He’ll already think you’ve moved on.

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by Elizabeth Kuntz | 2/1/2016