So, you both like each other. Now what? Define the relationship

You two are positively smitten for each other. They know it, you know it, the whole school knows it! So, what's keeping you two from winning "Cutest Couple"? Neither one of you has gotten the guts to ask out the other one yet. Well, you can’t just sit around making cutesy glances at them forever. If you wanna make them yours, all you gotta do is…

Make the first move.
Take the initiative and just tell them how you feel. What’s the worst that can happen? You already know how they feel, so just go for it. If you’re feeling really confident, ask them out on a date or give them your number. (Psst! Try these tips to get their number). But if you’re really too scared too make the first move…

Enlist a friend for help.
Ask your bestie to be your wingwoman or get the scoop from one of their friends. With a nudge from their bud, they might build up the confidence to ask you on a date first. And if no one wants to play matchmaker…

Plan a group date.
Group dates with friends are a perf way to get closer without dealing with the awkwardness of asking them out. Sure, you might be surrounded by your buds and theirs the whole night, but make a point to pull them aside for a one-on-one chat sesh. That gives you time to…

DTR (Define The Relationship)
If you’re totally head-over-heels for this guy or girl and want them to be your one and only, don’t try and play it too cool. Tell him that you want a relationship, plain and simple. Now that they know they won’t be facing any rejection, they’ll get the guts to ask you out. Or, you can ask them yourself. Whew, glad that's finally settled!

What's your best flirting trick? Share in the comments below!

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by Samantha Wilson | 2/7/2019