Our 20 fave Meanie and Sweetie stories of all time

GL is turning the big 2-0 this year. Woohoo! We’re celebrating by dusting off old covers and throwing the biggest bash of the summer. Are you pumped yet? ‘Cause we’re just getting this party started! 

To kick off the Summer of GL, we’re looking back at the most memorable Meanie and Sweetie stories that #GLgirls have sent in the past 20 years. Get ready to have your heart break and melt at the same time. Don’t worry—we end on the sweetest story of all. Aww!

Vote now! Which Meanie made your stomach drop, and which Sweetie made your heart stop? Share in the comments below. 


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  • 1meanie-doublescooppunk.jpg

    Meanie: Double scoop punk

    The last day of school we got ice cream sandwiches and my BFF didn't want hers, so she gave it to me. My BF came up to me and said, "Do you really think you need both of those? You're already pushing chubby!" I replied, "Well, if that matters so much to you, we're over," and walked away while all of his friends said, "Oooooo!"

  • 2meanie-2cruel2b4gotten.jpg

    Meanie: 2 cruel 2 b forgotten

    I was really happy, because I finally got my crush of six months to sign my yearbook. He gave it back and said, "Look at your picture!" I did and there was a blue sharpie mustache and spiky hair drawn on me! I got really pissed at him, because I spent my own $30 for the yearbook. "You ruined my yearbook!!" I said. "No, I didn't," he replied. "Um, yes, you drew a mustache on me," I pointed out. His response: "You've always had a mustache. I just made it bigger and easier to see!" Wow.

  • 3meanie-handsoffhater.jpg

    Meanie: Hands off, hater!

    I was in gym class, and we were playing team handball. I went up behind this idiot to tip the ball away, and then he saw me and punched me in the face! My glasses got caught on his finger, and as he slid his hand off, they left a huge scratch on my face! He hit me "accidentally" in the face twice more that week. The worst part? The teacher was standing right in front of him when he did it, and he didn't even get in trouble!

  • 4meanie-cantstomachthesebozos.jpg

    Meanie: Can’t stomach these scumbags

    OK, I told my BFF who I like. She told another girl, who likes him too. Then that girl told my crush. Now I don't like him anymore, because the first time I tried to talk to him after that he screamed, "I don't like you!!! Leave me alone! You're not pretty!" After that I ran away crying and his stupid friend screamed, "Thanks for leaving! Your face is making me barf." I never talked to him again.

  • 5meanie-pleaseleavethisjerkafterthetone.jpg

    Meanie: Please leave this jerk after the tone

    So my boyfriend promised to go to my house for the first time the other night. Half an hour after he was supposed to show up, he texts me "I can't go." No explanation, nothing. I call him, and he didn't answer his phone. The worst part? His voice mail had been changed to his ex-girlfriend talking and giggling. Needless to say, he's not my boyfriend anymore.

  • 6meanie-feminismfailsthesechumps.jpg

    Meanie: Feminism fails these chumps

    Last year I took a brutal chem class. I, like most of my classmates, had a hard time with our weekly quizzes. Once I got a perfect score on a tough quiz. When these three sexist jerks asked who got the highest grade and I said me, they said "What? YOU got the highest grade? A girl? How is that possible?!" Wow. Science might not be my strongest subject (English is), but I know I'm smart and I was not going to let a bunch of chauvinistic chumps get me down.

    When it came time to our fourth term grades, I was on the border of getting an A, which was epic in that class. My chem teacher told me if I got an A on the final exam, he'd bump me up to an A for my fourth term grade. I studied like crazy and wouldn't you know it: I got the third highest test grade in the class! I got my A and I put those boys in their place!

    The best part is that my mom ran into one of those boys' mom during summer break. She told her the story and his own mother said, "Well, good for her! Serves them right!"

  • 7meanie-firstkissfiasco.jpg

    Meanie: First kiss fiasco

    So, being 15 and not having my first kiss yet, I felt a little self-conscious. I wanted to wait for a boyfriend that lasted longer than a week, but my friends told me that one of my cute guy friends had a crush on me. He started flirting with me and I thought, "Sure, why not?" So we kissed and made out a little.

    I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime and he said, "Uh, not really." I said, "I thought you had a crush on me... and we just kissed!" To which he replied, "I just said that so I could have a makeout sesh. I have a actually crush on someone else and I want to date her, so could you please not mention this to anyone?" When I told my friends about it, they called him out on it and he denied the whole thing!

    Moral of the story: Don't rush into kissing a guy you have lukewarm feelings for just to fit in.

  • 8meanie-atexttoofar.jpg

    Meanie: A text too far

    I once met a guy who started texting me (have no idea how he got my num after one meeting) and I texted back to be polite. Then he said that he liked me and asked me out. I felt really bad but I had only met him once and didn't like him that way. I tried to let him down nicely, but he got really angry and started sending weird texts. One of them read, "Well I guess I won't be on this planet anymore."

    I got really scared and called him a few times to make sure he was okay. Turns out he had faked suicide over text just to see if I "cared about him." He then proceeded to give me a bunch of texts saying, "I know you care about me," and "I know you love me." I eventually got extremely frustrated, seeing as I wasn't able to get through to him that he had faked SUICIDE and of course I would get freaked out! I deleted his number and forgot about him up until he tried to prank me again, but I nipped that one before it got too far!

  • 9meanie-whoamajorpartyfoul.jpg

    Meanie: Whoa, major party foul

    One of my BF's friends was having a house party and my BF invited me. I was so excited because I had never met any of his friends since we go to different schools. I dressed up all cute for the party and my BF even complimented. When we got there his friend looked me up and down and said, "Who is she? I hope this isn't your GF you were telling me about, 'cause she is straight up ugly." My BF only looked at him and said, "Ew, she ain't my GF. I don't even know her. She just followed me in." Then they started laughing and walked away, leaving me by the door. I had never been more humiliated and mad in my entire life.

  • 10meanie-whatapieceofwork.jpg

    Meanie: What a piece of work!

    My boyfriend and I were sitting at the lunch table with a couple of my friends. Pep rally was that week, so the cheerleaders were passing out flyers to get us pumped for the upcoming game. On the flyers were pictures of the football team and, of course, the cheerleaders.

    My boyfriend started going on about how he wished I looked like the cheerleaders, pointing right at their picture on the flyer. My friends and I sat there stunned. He just would not stop! So I snatched the flyer from his hands and ripped it up into tiny pieces. He then picked up the pieces, rolled them into little balls and threw them at my face one by one. We didn't last long after that.

  • 11sweetie-kissoncue.jpg

    Sweetie: Kiss on cue

    We were having auditions today for choir for our spring musical. Well, I was trying out for the main girl part and there was this cute guy who was trying out for the main guy part. Our choir director had us sing together and do the acting together plus dancing (as the scene called for it). The guy was supposed to kiss the girl right at the end of the song.

    Well, no one expected him to kiss me even though he would in the play. But right when the song ended he leaned in and gave me a very romantic kiss on the cheek. Everyone started to clap and whoop and cheer. I looked at him and whispered, "You didn't have to do that." He said back while smiling, "Yes I did," I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of class. After class he asked me out! 

  • 12sweetie-countonthiscutieforthecountdown.jpg

    Sweetie: Count on this cutie for the countdown

    My boyfriend invited me to his friend's party for New Year's Eve. Earlier that day I came down with a bronchitis/ chest cold/ sinus misery trifecta, and I was not up for going out. So, I told him to go without me, even though I wasn't contagious. A little later he surprised me at my house with a thermos of chicken noodle soup! Instead of going to the party, he watched Netflix with me all night. Oh, and when the ball dropped, he still kissed me!

  • 13sweetie-poetryinmotion.jpg

    Sweetie: Poetry in motion

    A few weeks before the Homecoming dance, a guy friend texted me and asked me if I was going to go. I said I was going with my friends. When I asked him if he was going, he said he had a girl in mind but didn't know how to ask her. So I was giving him ideas, including writing a cute note.

    The next day I kept asking him who it was. At the end of the day, he handed me a note and told me he wrote her name on it. The note was actually his way of asking me to Homecoming in this cute poem all about me. Needless to say, I said yes! 

  • 14sweetie-lovenoteatlunch.jpg

    Sweetie: Love note at lunch

    At lunch my friends and I were having a fight because they thought I like this guy and I was saying I didn't (but I was lying).The guy was sitting at the next table over and heard them saying that I liked him and me denying. So, he got up and came over to me, grabbed my hands and put a tiny slip of paper in them. The note read, "Hey, so I hear you don't like me. But I guess you will just have to live with the fact that I am in love with you."

  • 15sweetie-whenyoukissuponastar.jpg

    Sweetie: When you kiss upon a star

    The guy that I've been kind-of-sort-of-but-not-officially dating for a few months came over to my house on a Friday night and we ended up stargazing on my trampoline. I was telling him about my church's summer camp where the stars are so bright you can see the Milky Way, and how it's my favorite place in the world.

    So, I asked him, "What's your favorite place in the world?" He paused, and said, "I dunno, it changes." I asked again, "Well then, what about right now?" He looked over at me, smiled and said, "Right here," and kissed me. I just about melted. What a keeper!

  • 16sweet-keepcuteandcarryon.jpg

    Sweetie: Keep cute and carry on

    One day during my period, I left math class to go to the bathroom and change my pad. While I was in there, the bell rung. So I ran back to my classroom and grabbed my stuff and ran out again. Well, apparently, I wasn't the only one in a rush, because a boy came sprinting down the hall and he collided into me right when I was coming out the door. I crashed into the lockers on the wall and then hit the floor, banging my head and my knee. When the hall monitor lady came over, she told me I shouldn't get up. But since she was kind of old, she couldn't pick me up and the nurse wasn't answering her phone to come down to where I was.

    Lucky for me, my crush walked by and asked what was wrong. The monitor told him what happened and why I couldn't go anywhere. Without hesitation he swept me up into his arms and carried me off to the nurse's office. It was awesome! He let me rest my head on his shoulder and he even rested his chin on my forehead. And after I got all patched up by the nurse he told me to put his arm over his shoulder and he helped me walk back to my class. We're dating now!

  • 17sweetie-allnaturalcutie.jpg

    Sweetie: All-natural cutie

    I was at my locker during free period and these girls next to me were doing their make-up. Our (guy) teacher came out and said, "What's with the make-up?" One girl replied, "If you were a girl you would understand." I was trying to make a point about how make-up is stupid, so I said, "I'm a girl. I don't see the point of make-up." Another girl said, "Well, you're just weird." My crush was walking by and said, "If by 'weird' she means 'too pretty to wear make-up' then I totally agree." Aww!

  • 18sweetie-coverup.jpg

    Sweetie: Crush cover-up. Thanks, cutie!

    I was sitting in science one day before the bell rang. My assigned seat is next to my best friend's crush. My friend came over to talk to us and was sitting on our table. She was having her period that day and it was really heavy. 

    When the bell rang, the teacher came in and told everyone to go to their seats. When my bestie got up, there was some blood on the table! She had leaked and right on her crush's desk, too. The teacher came over to ask him what that blood was from. Her crush knew how embarrassed she was, so he said, "Oh, it must have been from my bloody nose."

    What a smooth-talker, right?

  • 19sweetie-longlastingloveletter.jpg

    Sweetie: Long-lasting love letter

    For school we had to make a time capsule and we got to an envelope to put in it. I asked my boyfriend to put a letter or something in the envelope so when I graduated high school I could read it. The next day he handed me the letter and told me not to read it. I of course couldn't help myself and opened it and read it during math class. Inside he wrote that I was the best thing that happened to him and that he's so glad that we got to know each other so much and he loved me! This was the first time a guy has ever said he loved me and meant it, so I got all excited and everyone was wondering why I was smiling so big. Still to this day he does not know that I read the letter he wrote me in 7th grade. We are seniors this year.

  • 20sweetie-girlstakenote.jpeg

    Sweetie: Girls, take note! This is how a real guy acts when jerks get ya down

    I'm dating a really nice guy name Nate. I have anxiety and he knows that I do. One night we were out on a date at an outdoor movie. I had a panic attack and got so upset that I started crying. People stared at me and I felt weird. So, Nate stood up, went to the staring people and said, "I know she's the most beautiful girl in the world, but she's mine. Keep watching your movie." It was the best thing anyone has ever done for me.


by GL readers | 2/1/2016