Get your flirt on for a spring fling romance


Spring is the time for a fresh start—so what are you waiting for? We've got twenty genius ways for you to flirt with that cutie you've got your eye on, and we think it's time to finally go for it. Want to make your move, but not sure how? Try one of these tips—and tell us how it goes!

1. Don’t have their number? Tell them (in person or over FB chat) that you’re organizing a group movie date with the gang and you wanna invite them. When it comes time to hit the theater, suggest the two of you share snacks so you can secure seats next to each other. 

2. The next time your crush posts a selfie on Instagram, be daring and leave a comment instead of just liking it. Something short like, “Too cute!” is perf. 

3. If you share the same music taste, text them something like, “OMG! [Insert band name here] is coming to town. We totally need to go.” You’ll have so much fun rockin’ out at the concert that you two will barely notice everyone else in the crowd. 

4. Shoot him a charming compliment on his outfit. Guys secretly take pride in how they look, so he’ll be beaming at the sound of your sweet words. 

5. Drop them a text just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Bringing up an inside joke or a hilarious moment you shared will kick-start a fab convo.

6. One-on-one hangs can be intimidating, so have a pool party and invite all your pals. A friendly round of Marco Polo might score ya some QT time with that cutie.

7. Throw out your cheeriest, “Hi!” when you see her next. If she’s with a group of friends, greet her before saying hi to everyone else so she’ll know you noticed her first.

8. On a rainy day, send them a text out of the blue that says, “This weather is awful! Wanna hit up the food court at the mall? Smoothies on me.”

9. If you see that she’s on Gchat, message her a silly quote from one of her fave movies or TV shows. She’ll crack up for sure and be super pleased you remembered what she likes.

10. When you know you’re going to see your crush, throw on your cutest outfit, your fave perfume and flash your sparkling smile. If they were oblivious before, they'll totally take notice of you now. 

11. Stop by his job (if he has one) and chat him up. He’ll be thankful for the break and chances are he’ll be thinking about you for the rest of his shift. 

12. If you’re both into sports, challenge them to a game of your choice. Loser buys the winner a sweet treat!

13. If you know they have a thing for Mexican food, invite them along the next time you head out to get your burrito fix. For extra flirt, get chips and queso to share.

14. Post a funny YouTube vid on their Facebook wall and say, “This totally made me think of you!” You two will be FB chatting in no time.

15. Playfully hit his arm when he makes an outrageous joke. It’s a classic move that dudes just can’t resist.

16. Launch a Snapchat war between the two of you to see who can make the goofiest face. You’ll become digital BFFs in no time and she’ll love seeing your silly side.  

17. Do you and your crush both have adorable pups? Text them and say that your dog is in some serious need of a new friend. The two of you can meet up at the local park and let your dogs play while ya hang. The only thing better than a cute crush is a cute crush and an even cuter dog.

18. If you and your cutie are attending the same summer camp, ask them to be campfire buds. It might seem silly, but when you’re snuggled up together roasting marshmallows, you’ll be super glad you made the move.

19. When you’re having a convo with your crush, be sure to keep eye contact. She’ll be so flattered that you’re interested in what she has to say that you two will talk for ages. 

20. Plan a water balloon war with your crush and your besties and make them your target. What’s better than a little friendly competition? 

What’s your go-to flirty move? Share in the comments below.


by Sydney Adamson and Caitlin Moynihan | 3/20/2016