Cute ways to let your crush know you like him


You’ve been practicing flirting techniques for years: Repeatedly saying your crush’s name in conversation, casually bringing up movies you want to see while talking to him, etc. But what if you could convey your interest to your crush without even opening your mouth? It’s your lucky day, ladies, because you totally can. Check out these four ways to flirt without making a peep!

Position your feet towards him

Level: Beginner

This is possibly the easiest way to flirt without speaking. When talking to your crush, make sure both of your feet are pointed directly at him (this also works in a job interview, FYI). Your feet almost always subconsciously reveal what you want (pointed towards the person = you like them; pointed away from a person = you dislike them). Make sure your feet are pointed towards your crush even if you’re running late and want to dart. He’ll feel like you actually care about what he has to say and that’ll make him even more interested in you.


Level: Beginner 

Too shy to tell the hottie in your Spanish class that you think he’s muy caliente (for all you French students, that means “very hot”)? Give him a quick grin. The smile is the universal sign for, “I’m nice and I like you.” It’s everything while flirting, and you don’t have to be super confident to smile at him either. Smiles invoke a positive feeling within, causing people to be more attracted to people who smile than people who don’t. For example, if your crush is debating between who his next girlfriend is going to be and you smile, whereas that girl Ashley doesn’t, guess who he’s going to want? (Hint: Y-O-U)

Eye contact

Level: Intermediate

When we talk about eye contact in the beginning stages of flirting, we aren’t referring to the holding-his-gaze-so-long-that-you-are-undeniably-forced-to-peer-into-his-soul kind of eye contact—we’re just suggesting a quick glance, 8 seconds, 10 seconds max. Next time you’re at a party and see your crush across the room, stare at him for about 8 seconds. Sometimes guys are slow to pick up signs, so do this three or four times. When he sees you staring, quickly look away with that, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he saw me,” look on your face. He’ll be flattered that you’re looking at him, and he’ll think you’re adorable for the look on your face he sees when you get caught. If he’s brave enough, he might even walk up to you and start making conversation—all because of a little eye contact.

Touch his arm

Level: Advanced

You know the shivers sent down your spine when your crush bumps into you in the hallway? Yeah. That’s why you should touch his arm casually while flirting. When you’re chatting it up with your crush in the lunch line and he says something funny, laugh and casually place your hand on his bicep for about 2 seconds. This sends a subtle signal that says, “You are so funny that I actually have to brace myself because I’m laughing so hard.” The important step to this flirting technique? Don’t forget to remove your hand from his arm or risk coming off as creepy.

What’s your fave flirting tip? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give it a try.


by Melanie White | 2/1/2016